don't get stuck, climb onto the H for help and get out!

i wonder whose dream this was inspired by?
a bowl of alphabet soup one moment and the next, trapped in a labyrinth of mixed messages and lost children and letters in their wrong places.

your dreams are the glimpse into vast other places inside yourself. it's a if you're handed a personalized road map, a treasure map with clues, and hints to decipher.

go for it.


the orange farmer.

i've experienced some themes this month. they appear in dreams and in real life.

my grandfather Bear.
secrets being brought out into the light.

as I understand what these themes are teaching me, I was delighted by a gift my grandmother Mimi handed me when I visited her. For seven years she has experimented and struggled with a lovely navel orange tree in her back yard. Upon this visit she presented me with a lovely bright orange, green leaves still attached. She was happy to tell me this was one of 13 oranges she harvested with her beloved tree. and it was sweet, juicy and I even ate the peel!

citrus sugar cookies! baking is not really my thing yet with the help of my food comic book and some inspired shortcuts, my grandmother and I had a great time making these treats.

the cookie lab

cold cubed butter. it called for unsalted and my grandmother was certain there would be no problem with our salted + no need to run to the grocery!

these were the results. simple, not too sweet, more a shortbread. we had fun!


breaking out of sentimentalism

this is a glimpse of a new technique i'm experimenting with.

the feeling helpers

the feeling helpers