around here, lot's people to dress up for the fall festivities.
i appreciate color in all ways, and fun creativity. these guys are
a little over the top and that's what i like about it.

you can tell me what you think!


candy colored chi

Hi. so this really helped me as I was beginning my meditations. you can get really creative and interactive with it.

let me know how it goes for you!


this is sweet and simple and full of help!

hi! let the Cosmos bring you some unexpected surprises. These things are sensitive and require some patience and sincerity to be felt for, you can do it, and maybe this can help you!

These friends here were pointed out as the Helpers that Boost and Restore Creativity. Within you is a an entire galaxy of love, vast territories, and stored memories. this is what a meditation can help you with. Take some time and get into your safe inner shuttle and take a course inside yourself. You can take notes on what you feel, see, sense and use them for your own inner NASA research. it's all inside you!!!!


There are so many ways to Xpress Yourself

I got +++ to sharing this.

it's as if our limits bring the most expressive gifts in us, Out.

PS22 Chorus

These kids are incredible. You can find many more from the PS22 Chorus on Utube.
For me it's the goose bumbs of innocence and clear love. enjoy.


Hearts on Fire

has this every happened to u?

i try to bring my own dance party with me wherever I go,
and honestly
it's usually better than
than where i'm going.

headphones +music + bike, safety, lights, etc. + good attitude= mobile dance party where you can bounce at any point and not miss a beat, snaps.

OOH let's go into the Feeling Place....

you make me feel so happy so real
you are a beautiful moment

Happy Hallowed Dreamings....

mysteries of love

this is not so much visual as it is a headphone experience.

yard sales are great places to find headphones if you don't already have them.

the nice thing about headphones (the big ones, that cover you ears,) is that they are like an amphitheater for your body, a private concert designed for the enjoyment of you and your cells.

antony may help you with this experience. :)


Pima Air and Space Musuem.
My friend Matt and I had a great time
amongst the retired metal whales.

They are massive and they had missions, massive missions with missiles.

And now they kick it under the sun, undisturbed, in the height of their solar retirement.

happy birthday matt :)

This is in Boston.
I started soaking up the parks here.
It helped me understand the
significance of outdoor spaces
where people can meet and
have fun. This is why I like having
my stretch class in parks. They are
by far the best classrooms I've

What do You enjoy about parks?

Willie woo woo Wong
Chinatown, SF

this is near where i bought
my thumb drum

the scale is CDEFGABC

right now i'm working on "Where is Thumbkin"


on being unique :)

the clouds see a lot.

they can't stay long, and their messages
are quick to come and quick to go

keep your eyes open. :)


happy october.

thanks to my friend kim, for supporting, suggesting and helping me get here!

here it is kim! xo

the feeling helpers

the feeling helpers