viva la primavera

imagine my surprise when I found this stash.

the friend who lays

and the orbitron....

the secret life of plants (prt. 1)

good morning! this has been a favorite record of mine and here is the documentary in 11 parts, i'll try and post one a day :)

thanks stevie, what insight.


dalton ghetti

i saw his work in a small market when i was in ct last spring

the pencils felt impressive, imprisoned, and clearly linked

it becomes a useful metaphor for me as i find the ways in which words and language affect my life.

words have a great strength to them, and the feeling that goes along with the word is important

noticing the way words create energies is vital to freeing oneself from the influence of harmful language.


a water experiment

I went on a walk and decided that I would try and record the sound of the water I found.


The Jedi's return :)

My companions from my Grand Canyon trip complete their 25 days
and take out today, incredible.

You have stayed with me, like the familiar fleece liner that kept me cozy at night :)

Tara and I crossed the bridge, another safe passage, and met Dan and Elysia smiling on the other side. I am so happy they could be there with you.

Bright Angel Trail, yes, I'll go again please!

I wanted to give you all a shout out and hope the transition back is easy,
and gives you a new sense of who you are.

Rock me a River my Peeps.


birdholder goes red chile

today i've been in the test kitchen here at casa birdholder

i decided to try fresh red chile. Starting with whole fresh pods (12), into hot water jacuzzi bath, into food processor (con ajo, sal, pimiento, clove)


then, you gotta sieve the paste into the skillet, pressing pressing smashing

then add some nice EVOO and a lil flour for binding.

boo yah, fresh red chile. :)

ok now, into Crock Landia.

I'd never tried Posole on my own, although it's a fond fav of mine.

So, I combined 2 recipes + my commonsense and creativity and now my crock is holding a love stew that I will enjoy in 5 hours from now.

the garnish can be cilantro, avocado, lime, sour cream and a cold beer


the feeling helpers

the feeling helpers