Finger Rocks

this week has been very expansive and its only wed.

i received this from my grandma yesterday...

and today was another experience in the cosmic whoa.
finger rock, high, majestic, didn't quite make it, and thoroughly
enjoyed the hike with my co-pilot mochi :)


Haitian Fight Song

As i learn and experiment with sounds and instruments, i am floored and thrilled to see it come together in ways like this.
These kids are killin' it to the beloved Mingus.
I can't say that I know the history of the Haitian Fight Song, but it's a gem.

Haiti hang in there, helping hearts and harmonies are with you.



finding your crew

i like the cosmic tele-para-scope that see's into the heart of the true self.

here we have a cast who is on the assembly line, like awakeasleeping their way through life

THEN, the right view comes into FOCUS and with the help of the team, a new
light, perspective and sense of adventure is illuminated on the whole. :)

safe and sage sailings my friends....



greetings grey day

in a town of sunshine, the gift of an overcast fog is deeply appreciated.

and with it comes a thickness in wet
the trees dance differently in cold and water

but really there is this tree across the street and the way it moves
is equal parts grace meets slow motion, and is a choreographer to the surrounding trees
like the brave leader that in it's way says "go for it! I can move and you can move and when
we do, things happen!"

thank you green tree across the street.



Your Own Promo Trip

Hi! This is an idea I have. You can replace or share Pat and Dan and make them, You. Going on Tour with yourself, talents, helpers and your video cam or digi cam. :)

Allow a new song in, customize an inner music video with all the funds, props, sounds, lights, and bubbles you want. remember your Cosmic Real Estate is yours to explore and investigate for sound inner investments.

Lhasa de Sela... I am sad you are gone

I heard that Lhasa de Sela had died a few days ago, on Jan. 1 I believe. Her music has this timeless quality to it. And as I listen to her again, almost feeling like it's the first time, I get the sense in her lyrics that this is journey she has been preparing for. This is one of the first videos I ever saw of hers and it gives me chills.

the feeling helpers

the feeling helpers