Big Drop 2005

I am going through my inner and our technologies and i came across this disc to share it with the utube vaults
and you!

this is Andrew (my brother), Levi and Cataract Canyon 5 years ago.
Andrew and Kayla are on it today and it's not at 70,ooo cfs
so don't worry!

On the Loose is an incredible book by two brothers, Jerry and Renny Russel. it's one of my favorites

the goal of life is the transformation of the self into a maker of
poetry or beauty
this is more important than anything done along the way

arthur rimbaud


Fool's Gold "Surprise Hotel"

for those of us who dwell desert styles, it also means we're pool side. It is not uncommon to find the locals quietly dipping and joining the hotel franchise, even if they are not officially "guests"

This is a video that helps me get my solar aura on, for it t'will be toasty. Luckily, the solace of juiced watermelon over ice is like a momentary thunderstorm of sweet ass honey to the brain and palette. So, Solar Soldiers, Gear up, get your juice on and find your hips with this diddy :)


Big Fun

hi. it's been awhile since i've landed back at birdholder.
here is a video i made at Big Bambu! at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.


drink lion coffee (cup)

good morning

these cool overcast mornings draw me out of bed and into the kitchen to brew.

what do overcast days inspire you to do?


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black and white, two strong colors

each hue its own, not comparable
but easily moving within the uniqueness it was handed

when traveling it can be useful to
find an inner compass of direction

your pin pointed feeling of : yes, --------> this way :)

mon petite honey bee
sí e oui.
u y me

c'est le feelink
of gravitee

con la weight of cuestiones
i wait a (mile) while

now i see
minus we
now we were

whoa. hi there.
now i am

i can (free) me

let's make today the best day ever!


viva la primavera

imagine my surprise when I found this stash.

the friend who lays

and the orbitron....

the secret life of plants (prt. 1)

good morning! this has been a favorite record of mine and here is the documentary in 11 parts, i'll try and post one a day :)

thanks stevie, what insight.


dalton ghetti

i saw his work in a small market when i was in ct last spring

the pencils felt impressive, imprisoned, and clearly linked

it becomes a useful metaphor for me as i find the ways in which words and language affect my life.

words have a great strength to them, and the feeling that goes along with the word is important

noticing the way words create energies is vital to freeing oneself from the influence of harmful language.


a water experiment

I went on a walk and decided that I would try and record the sound of the water I found.


The Jedi's return :)

My companions from my Grand Canyon trip complete their 25 days
and take out today, incredible.

You have stayed with me, like the familiar fleece liner that kept me cozy at night :)

Tara and I crossed the bridge, another safe passage, and met Dan and Elysia smiling on the other side. I am so happy they could be there with you.

Bright Angel Trail, yes, I'll go again please!

I wanted to give you all a shout out and hope the transition back is easy,
and gives you a new sense of who you are.

Rock me a River my Peeps.


birdholder goes red chile

today i've been in the test kitchen here at casa birdholder

i decided to try fresh red chile. Starting with whole fresh pods (12), into hot water jacuzzi bath, into food processor (con ajo, sal, pimiento, clove)


then, you gotta sieve the paste into the skillet, pressing pressing smashing

then add some nice EVOO and a lil flour for binding.

boo yah, fresh red chile. :)

ok now, into Crock Landia.

I'd never tried Posole on my own, although it's a fond fav of mine.

So, I combined 2 recipes + my commonsense and creativity and now my crock is holding a love stew that I will enjoy in 5 hours from now.

the garnish can be cilantro, avocado, lime, sour cream and a cold beer



i have returned from the grand canyon.
it has given me largeness, an inner magnitude.
the age of the great gc is enormous, billions and billions baby's.
and as i floated, daily, cutting more age into her and into me, i realized.

a life with too many xtra's does me no good. yes, i'm unsure of what's next.
and yet as simply as the mighty colorado flows, and the rains drops from the sky,
i'm thrilled to have the days to get to know about who I truly am.

and may i just say that the state of big AZ has many wonders that wait for me.

so as i unplug from certain disasters, i plug into a way of understanding that life
is kick ass and comfy and there to hold you with the closest love i've ever known.

and if you'd like to read a great book about a river try Rock Me on the River, by Renny Russel. The story of his life is incredible and the story of how he lost he brother brings him back to the river that took him.

"If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away." -henry david thoreau


i am for canyon

im going on a boat
im part of a team
try to stay dry, ask for help

we support each other, to cook, to eat, to clean up
that's how it works :)

then i go on a long walk, up Up UP!

i found this and it helped me get excited.



Finger Rocks

this week has been very expansive and its only wed.

i received this from my grandma yesterday...

and today was another experience in the cosmic whoa.
finger rock, high, majestic, didn't quite make it, and thoroughly
enjoyed the hike with my co-pilot mochi :)


Haitian Fight Song

As i learn and experiment with sounds and instruments, i am floored and thrilled to see it come together in ways like this.
These kids are killin' it to the beloved Mingus.
I can't say that I know the history of the Haitian Fight Song, but it's a gem.

Haiti hang in there, helping hearts and harmonies are with you.



finding your crew

i like the cosmic tele-para-scope that see's into the heart of the true self.

here we have a cast who is on the assembly line, like awakeasleeping their way through life

THEN, the right view comes into FOCUS and with the help of the team, a new
light, perspective and sense of adventure is illuminated on the whole. :)

safe and sage sailings my friends....



greetings grey day

in a town of sunshine, the gift of an overcast fog is deeply appreciated.

and with it comes a thickness in wet
the trees dance differently in cold and water

but really there is this tree across the street and the way it moves
is equal parts grace meets slow motion, and is a choreographer to the surrounding trees
like the brave leader that in it's way says "go for it! I can move and you can move and when
we do, things happen!"

thank you green tree across the street.



Your Own Promo Trip

Hi! This is an idea I have. You can replace or share Pat and Dan and make them, You. Going on Tour with yourself, talents, helpers and your video cam or digi cam. :)

Allow a new song in, customize an inner music video with all the funds, props, sounds, lights, and bubbles you want. remember your Cosmic Real Estate is yours to explore and investigate for sound inner investments.

Lhasa de Sela... I am sad you are gone

I heard that Lhasa de Sela had died a few days ago, on Jan. 1 I believe. Her music has this timeless quality to it. And as I listen to her again, almost feeling like it's the first time, I get the sense in her lyrics that this is journey she has been preparing for. This is one of the first videos I ever saw of hers and it gives me chills.

the feeling helpers

the feeling helpers