Damon Albarn - Sunset Coming On

This is from Mali Music. One of my favorite albums. I believe a Congolese record is in the works by the same crew.


Volcano Rolls

 hi!  here's how you start: 

take nori, lay out on plastic or those bamboo mats
load fresh and raw contents of volcano roll; brown rice cooked, cut avacado, fresh salmon, cut asparagus, cream cheese, (roll into long log and lay down)
begin rolling nori up, you can use mirin or water to dabble on nori for glue.

they looked  like giants "spleefs" I believe is the word they use.
meanwhile your vat of hot veg. oil has been heating to way hot

here we go!  dip the rolls into a tempure mix which is mostly rice flour.  you can purchase this at any grocery pretty much.  use cold water and put in freezer until just before dippage.

the coated sticky volcano roll now goes in, like a hot bowl of magma.
turn carefully with fork for even frying on all sides, i think we fried for a 3-4min. or so.
carefully extract freshly fried roll with slotted spoon to let excess oil drain, place on paper towel to cool but not too long!

(wah lah!)  carefully cut with very sharp knife into nice size bites.
 I made a dipping sauce that I learned from:
"eel sauce" equal parts turbinado sugar, mirin dressing, and soy sauce
mix on burner till almost boiling  * I let this reduction go a bit too hot a bit too long, because once it cooled it crystallized and became to viscous to pour, ha!  so maybe go to just boiling and then back off heat.

 so that was our fabulous lunch accompanied with simple salad and prosecco.

and this was dinner :)

bon appetít


Amiina :: Live from a Bookshop :: Iceland


My Weekend

It's so nice for me to visit my grandmother Mimi.
She lives not far away, and still it's like a little road trip for me to get out of town.

Here is a photo montage of the trip.....

First, wash the car: The Rainbow Bath is so much fun.  You get to stay in your car while all the sudsy magic happens all around you!

We saw the new Woody Allen movie, "Midnight in Paris,"  it was wonderful, and the shots of Paris simply gorgeous.  It inspires drinking champagne.  And that's exactly what we did.  Back to the house and what a surprise, what's this?!  Cheers

ok, so for our last day together, we headed down to Zinc's, a French Bistro, a la the movie we were still gabbing about!  It may be time for me to get my passport out....... :)  This is Mimi

This is my Mom

Thank you ladies, for a wonderful visit!

Of course I still had to drive back and the adventure was not over yet....

Well thank you for joining me on this little piece of my life.  love, Jaime and her favorite blue cap

the feeling helpers

the feeling helpers