Big Drop 2005

I am going through my inner and our technologies and i came across this disc to share it with the utube vaults
and you!

this is Andrew (my brother), Levi and Cataract Canyon 5 years ago.
Andrew and Kayla are on it today and it's not at 70,ooo cfs
so don't worry!

On the Loose is an incredible book by two brothers, Jerry and Renny Russel. it's one of my favorites

the goal of life is the transformation of the self into a maker of
poetry or beauty
this is more important than anything done along the way

arthur rimbaud


Fool's Gold "Surprise Hotel"

for those of us who dwell desert styles, it also means we're pool side. It is not uncommon to find the locals quietly dipping and joining the hotel franchise, even if they are not officially "guests"

This is a video that helps me get my solar aura on, for it t'will be toasty. Luckily, the solace of juiced watermelon over ice is like a momentary thunderstorm of sweet ass honey to the brain and palette. So, Solar Soldiers, Gear up, get your juice on and find your hips with this diddy :)


Big Fun

hi. it's been awhile since i've landed back at birdholder.
here is a video i made at Big Bambu! at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

the feeling helpers

the feeling helpers