quiet inspiration

i've been feeding my neighbors chickens.
well one of them is a rooster, so I haven't needed by alarm clock.
when i went over there i realized how many other things that were going on,
not just the chickens.

hawks, pigeons, sparrows, AND chickens.
everyone has there home in some way.
everything has an expression of who they are, what they can share.

in feeding the birds, I realized my own participation in life.
i went on to water some plants, and feel their part too.

as simple as this has been, it has helped me unclutter the static
that feels like steel wool in my head sometimes.

and my heart and body really appreciate being around things that are kind.



cutting ice to snow by efterklang

hello! this is from an earlier album, Parades. Efterklang is almost out with another record, Magic Chair. enjoy.

Efterklang - Cutting Ice To Snow from Rumraket on Vimeo.


The Antler House

This was a interesting house in the small coastal town of Mendocino, CA.
I remember asking myself what it would feel like living in a small coastal town, and I thought of my RADICAL painting friends, KY, CD etc. and thought, hot damn what a delightful place to paint. Let me know if you need any more info on this ladies...

boob tube

i watched a LOT of cartoons as a kid. and i must say, i know from personal experience that they kind of were the best babysitters. i mean i wasn't budging, just glued to the tube as they say and totally out of harms way. well, as an adult i enjoy going back and rummaging through thoughts, sounds and colors that were part of my childhood.

this is an homage to the best babysitter on the block, ms. tv.... :)


white rabbit white rabbit white rabbit

Dear Dead,

It's already November, can you believe it? Everyone has a candy coated hangover today, but today is your day, your day to rise and shine and dance around for a spell. Even though you're dead, your still part of this life.

so this songs for you Dead.


the feeling helpers

the feeling helpers