My Weekend

It's so nice for me to visit my grandmother Mimi.
She lives not far away, and still it's like a little road trip for me to get out of town.

Here is a photo montage of the trip.....

First, wash the car: The Rainbow Bath is so much fun.  You get to stay in your car while all the sudsy magic happens all around you!

We saw the new Woody Allen movie, "Midnight in Paris,"  it was wonderful, and the shots of Paris simply gorgeous.  It inspires drinking champagne.  And that's exactly what we did.  Back to the house and what a surprise, what's this?!  Cheers

ok, so for our last day together, we headed down to Zinc's, a French Bistro, a la the movie we were still gabbing about!  It may be time for me to get my passport out....... :)  This is Mimi

This is my Mom

Thank you ladies, for a wonderful visit!

Of course I still had to drive back and the adventure was not over yet....

Well thank you for joining me on this little piece of my life.  love, Jaime and her favorite blue cap

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  1. Hey Jaime,
    Makes me want to drive right down to the Rainbow Bath! Great mini documentary.
    XXOO Mom


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